Gami Korean Chicken Brunswick St

Gami Korean Fried Chicken Brunswick St Fitzroy
Gami Korean Fried Chicken Brunswick St Fitzroy

So tonight I was doing a spot of book shopping on Brunswick St Fitzroy (Vale Polyester Books) when as I wandered down the street I was offered a small gift box of the most delicious friend chicken from Gami…

Normally I don’t accept give aways but the waitress had a nice smile and I was starting to think about dinner…  Dham! Let it be said that free gift fried chicken is not to be sniffed at! It was wonderful. Crisp, not overly salty and the flesh was so so tender!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Yes it did take me a block do make the decision but sure as god made little apples I was turning around with chicken on my mind…

Henceforth Gami chicken will be known as the crack cocaine of the chicken world. I can’t help but wonder if this is what Los Pollos Hermanos from Breaking Bad tasted like.

Check out the menu:

Gami Menu
Gami Menu

Now one thing to note… The menu is great but unless you are planning on designing your own heart attack these are platters best shared… There is no freaking way I could eat a whole chicken or even a half one.

That in mind I opted for the smallest meal on the menu, the chicken spare ribs.

Even this serve was pretty big and I had spare chicken to take home with me.

The coating is amazing. This version was the standard coat however I’m keen to try the spicy as well as other options of soy/garlic and sweet chilly. The chicken is remarkably tender and moist which is always going to be a winner in my books.

I’ve never had picked radish with chicken. It’s a interesting combination that quickly becomes morish.. Bit of chicken, cube of radish, repeat. Added to this a nice side of coleslaw and I had a very enjoyable meal.

Seriously this place is rocking it…

Hint for those who hate chicken bones you can get your fix in boneless form! Love it.

Love this place.

Dr George

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