Arnguli Grill Desert Gardens Resort Yulara

Arnguli Grill Desert Gardens Resort Yulara
Arnguli Grill, Desert Gardens Resort, Yulara

Arnguli Grill is the main restaurant at the Desert Gardens Hotel. This is the venue for buffet breakfast as well as a high quality meal in the evenings.

We had originally been booked for Ilkari at Sails In The Desert however one of the local tour guides recommended we switch to Arnguli as he felt it was of a higher quality compared the buffet.

We are glad we took this recommendation.

The ambience of the room is a very simple affair. High ceilings with plenty of glass have you looking outward. The simplicity of the room complements this with the outdoors being the true feature.

Tables are grouped together so we were rather close to the tables next to us. If you did want a more romantic table I don’t imagine it would have been a problem to be seated a little more away.

Our table had a beautiful Aboriginal art runner that also happened to be available for sale in the gift shop next door. That said it was very tasteful and helped break up the starkness of white throughout the room.

The menu was quite varied with good choices. Entrees ranged from $18-$25 and mains started at $33 to more than $50 if you were opting for premium steaks.

As a starter we opted for the Australian taster plate featuring Crocodile, wallaby, emu and kangaroo.

Arnguli Grill Desert Gardens Resort Yulara

The croc was quite chewy while the wallaby was amazing minced with tomato marmalade with hints of hoisin sauce. The Emu was incredibly tender and the kangaroo done perfectly unlike the tough meat we experience at the ATT Outback BBQ.

IMG_9395For mains I went for the chicken roulettes which were amazing. Served with tender beans and carrots and sweet potato purée this was a wonderful meal. The mustard sauce was perfect with the chicken and the stuffing not overpowering with Apple, pork and silver beet.

My dining partners went for the steaks with Jyan having the eye filet which was enjoyed. The meat was very tender and perfectly cooked.

Andrew had the rib fillet Angus on the bone which he also enjoyed.

The meals were of a good size and were well priced given that we were in a resort in the middle of Australia.

The desserts were huge with Jyan having the trio of gelato and Andrew and I opting for the chocolate mystique. This was a great combo of cheesecake topped with chocolate brownie. This was accompanied with figs and caramel ice cream.  This desert was huge and I really do recommend that this could easily be shared between two people.

Overall the food was amazing.

Service was attentive however the staff were difficult to engage at times with empty plates sitting way longer than we would normally expect. Normally this would be fine in a resort however we had an evening tour booked so getting the bill took a while.  Once we stood up and walked towards the cashier the staff were able to jump into action to collect payment.

If you are visiting the Uluru Yalara resort and are looking for a fine dining experience I highly recommend checking out the Arnguli restaurant.

Dr George


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