Some Velvet Morning Clifton Hill

Some Velvet Morning Clifton Hill
Some Velvet Morning Clifton Hill

So today I wanted to try out some thing different from my local haunt Cafe Quince when Some Velvet Morning popped up on my Zomato radar.

Some Velvet Morning is an interesting “little piece of Brunswick” in Clifton Hill…  Clifton Hill is a fairly white collar suburb and (for sake of ease I’m just going to call this place SVM) SVM more of an artistic style venu. Live music in the evenings, alcohol service available, not all the cushions comfortable… Kinda get my drift?

That said the breakfast burrito on the menu totally caught my eye so I went in with an open mind, wallet and mouth.

So first up was the coffee…

Coffee @ Some Velvet Morning Clifton Hill
Coffee @ Some Velvet Morning Clifton Hill

The coffee was good however in Melbourne, you can’t really afford to have shit coffee…

I placed the order for my burrito…

With a bit of time up my sleeve I decided to take a few pics… When I’ve visiting a place I like to ask permission before I start snapping. It’s polite and I find anonymous snappers obnoxious.

I was interested that when I asked I got the response “well only if you give a good review”… Umm ok, that’s really up to you isn’t it? I don’t think I am the only part of the equation.

Anyways I managed to while away a bit of time taking some pics, drinking my coffee, sorting my mail, resorting my mail….  Waiting. Hmmm I wonder where my meal is.

So rapid service (even when they seem to be keen on good reviews) isn’t on the forefront of their “key cultures”.

One of the reasons is probably that the kitchen is taking up a small corner of the bar area. It’s not big at all.

That said I didn’t see any other food being prepared… 40 min later the waitress asked if I wanted another coffee when I explained no I really just wanted my meal… 5 min later I could smell mexican flavours, 10 min later the food arrived.

The Breakfast Burrito Some Velvet Morning
The Breakfast Burrito Some Velvet Morning

Waiting aside the burrito was actually really good. The salad was fresh, the pulled pork had a nice combo of sauce and beans… The only shot of disappointment I had was that the dollop of white on top was an egg rather than sour cream… Sour cream would have totally made this dish!

So yea… Given the limitations of the kitchen the meal was great.

Sadly the service is seriously slow (even when then know you are doing a review). Given there are multiple places to have breakfast within 100m of SMV you might want to consider this.

Dr George

Some Velvet Morning Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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