Cafe Quince Clifton Hill

Cafe Quince Clifton HIll
Cafe Quince Clifton Hill

Quince is my local cafe, literally around the corner from where I live…

I love the fact that from my front door I have a cafe, a pub (The Royal Hotel) and a great coffee stand all within a 100m radius… To be able to get up, throw on some clothes and grab breakfast is one of life’s true pleasures.

Quince recently changed hands with the new owners I was kind of expecting some new life however things don’t seem to have changed too much… Initially the coffee went to the dogs however it looks like they have gotten back into the swing… This is Melbourne. Coffee is important!

Quince Menu Clifton Hill
Quince Menu Clifton Hill

For me what I like about Quince is that the food is reliable. The menu hasn’t changed and I have set items I love. Take for example the breakfast stack:

The Breakfast Stack | Cafe Quince
The Breakfast Stack | Cafe Quince

This is a big ass breakfast, basically it’s salmon eggs benedict with added avocado and cottage cheese. For those on high protein diets this is a great choice.

I’ve found the quality of the food to be consistent and I am very thankful with the change of owner the kitchen staff appear to have remained.

Today to change things up a little I decided to give the specials board a bit of a test drive with the potato patty eggs benedict.

Potato, feta and basil is always a good combination so I was keen to give this baby a whirl.

On arrival the meal looked great. The bacon and patty was crisp the egg done nicely and a decent dollop of hollandaise. On testing however it became quickly apparent that the spinach was placed on wet so the centre of the patty was essentially soggy.

The taste was good but the soggyness really was a let down. The general flavours of the patty were present however I’d have turned up the feta to an 7… today it was only sitting at a 3.

Overall Quince is a nice local cafe. Important things to note is that the service is slow. It’s been that way for a long time and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

If you want to be sure you get your coffee *before* your food either order the coffee the minute you sit down or tell the staff that is what you want. I know it sounds picky but I hate the food arriving before the coffee. If the barista isn’t able to keep up with the orders get out from behind the machine.

Things to highlight:

  • Super kid friendly. Clifton Hill is a family suburb. Expect kids and families to be eating.
  • The cakes are great. Be sure to check out what is on display next to the cash register.
  • If you want a decadent treat be sure to grab the home made crumpets with the lemon curd. *A-May-Zing*

So yes this is my local cafe…It’s good for me. Will it encourage people to cross Hoddle St to try it out. Perhaps but let’s face it there are some great places on Queens Parade.

To the Quince team, if you happen to read this please don’t think I’m running you down. I love the place and the food. I just wish the service was consistent and efficient.

Dr George

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